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Popular Stoves

  • Stovax Riva Studio Free-standing

    Stovax Riva Studio Free-standing

    The Freestanding Riva Studio models are available in two sizes; the Studio 1 with an output of 5kW and the Studio 2 at 8kW. Both feature large and especially wide picture windows of fire.

     There can be few 5kW appliances that offer a window of almost 800mm width and 450mm in height and the Studio 2 can boast 1 metre by 500mm of live fire. Coupled to the renowned Riva combustion system, this range offers something truly unique in woodburning appliances.

    Studio models may be placed directly on a hearth or on a range of benches depending on your preference. Shown here is the Riva Studio 2 on a bench, with optional box flue cover; the Studio 1 Freestanding on a hearth and a Studio on a bench with the Glass frame option. DEFRA APPROVED FOR SMOKE CONTROL AREAS.

    There is now a new Riva Studio 500 Freestanding version available. 5Kw output but square rather than long.

    A video of the Riva Studio Freestanding in action can be seen here.


  • Contura 800 Range

    Contura 800 Range

    A new Contura of modest height; very compact and exceptionally useful in a tight corner, the 810 model requiring only 50mm from a combustible wall. The usual great value for money we have come to expect from Contura, with a variety of specifications available. All come with an extenal air facility. Now approved by DEFRA for use in smoke control areas.

    A video of the Contura 880 in action can be seen here.

  • Dovre 225

    Dovre 225

    Another original design from Dovre, following the retro theme of the Dovre Vintage range (see contemporary stoves) but utilising the very latest in combustion technology. The highly sophisticated combustion system delivers 4.6kw and 83% efficiency with the huge slow moving flame we're used to from many Dovre stoves. Cast iron construction and available as a woodburning or multiful stove. Log length 30cm. External air connection, 5 year warranty.

    A low floor temperature and shielded rear surface allow installation in timber buildings without the need for concrete hearths and wall protection.

Kinross Stove and Cooker Centre

The Kinross Stove Centre is the place in central Scotland to go for wood burning stoves, multi fuel stoves, central heating wood burning stoves, gas and electric stoves.

The Kinross Stove Centre Ltd are agents for Stovax, Spartherm, ACR, Austroflamm, Contura, Dovre, Focus, Gazco, Nordpeis, Rocal, Vermont Castings, Wamsler, Westfire and Yeoman plus other types of stove, many of these are displayed in our showroom.

Call in for an unpressurised, informed conversation about your heating and cooking needs.


Stove Manufacturers

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