Using Wood-burning Stoves Under New Govt. Guidelines

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Which have just published a guide to using your wood-burning stove correctly in light of the government's new clean air plans.

So if you currently have a wood burning stove or are looking to buy a wood burning stove then please take a look at the article

by clicking here.

Please note that the majority of our wood burning stoves either comply with these regulations or go even further.

Please look out for the SIA Ecodesign badge on your desired stove page or brochure for assurance.

Towns and cities in the Uk already have smoke control regulations under the Clean air act 1993.

To read more about approved fuels for your area please see the government regulations here.

Stovax Riva Studio iPad App

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Riva | Studio Visualiser   

One swipe to find the ideal fire design for your home


The Stovax Riva Studio Visualiser gives you a visual concept of having a real woodburning fire in your room. Convenient 

and easy to use, the Riva Studio Visualiser enables you to view all fires in the Stovax contemporary Riva Studio range 

against a photo of your room or within a pre-loaded professional set to give you plenty of ideas and inspiration! 

From a small hole-in-the-wall fire to a large freestanding appliance, the Stovax Riva Studio Visualiser helps you choose 

the right fire and frame option, as well as the perfect location in your room. You can take your own room photos from within the 

application or use our pre-loaded inspirational room designs onto which you can view and select your favourite Riva Studio wood 

burning fire from the range. When you're happy with the result, simply capture the final image, which automatically saves to the 

photo library or your Camera Roll on your device.

Another Design Award For Focus-Creation

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Another design award for Focus-Creation. To add to a long history design recognition, which is listed below.


In 2009 the Gyrofocus was Voted "The World's Most Beautiful Object" at the 2009 Pulchra Design Awards against more than 100 competitors, the Gyrofocus has been exhibited in the Bordeaux Contemporary Art Museum, the National Centre of Contemporary Art in Grenoble and the Guggenheim Museum in New York.


The Slimfocus Makes its Debut at Kinross.

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We now have a Slimfocus suspended fire by Focus Creation on show in our showroom at Kinross. 

This unique design is available in 6 different formats as a wood burner and 1 as a gas fire. It can be fixed or pivoting to rotate in any direction, it can be suspended or a floor standing model and, uniquely for a wood burning fire, it can have a balanced flue, which is specifically designed for installation in air tight passive houses.

The balanced flue Slimfocus allows a room sealed space to be heated by a live fire without additional ventilation, simply by providing its own air supply via the flue system.

The Slimfocus joins our Ergofocus rotating suspended fire and our Agorafocus 630 suspended fire in the Focus Creation section of our showroom.

Focus-Creation is the brainchild of Dominique Imbert of France and these fires are frequently specified by architects; we are in the technical register of Foster & Partners for example. 

Foster & Partners have designed several buildings in which these fires have been fitted and they continue to make a unique statement in new and existing houses and businesses with increasing frequency.

These beautiful made to measure fires are created by a team of craftsmen and technicians in the south of France and the Gyrofocus  - their iconic design – can be seen being made here.

We are the importer and sole Scottish distributor for Focus products and we can specify and price an installation from plans or a site visit.

For more information or a quotation please contact Terry Tozer direct on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.