Stovax Price Promotion

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The annual Stovax “RIva Fever” promotion is upon us again and will last until October 31st.

 All the original Riva models from the multi-fuel range, and including the Riva 76 woodburner, are subject to a reduction of up to £250.00 off the retail price for orders placed before the scheme ends in October. This applies to both freestanding and cassette models.

You can see the Stovax link showing the models concerned here.

The Riva design has set the standard for combustion technology and the flames you see the photos are real representations of the way they burn. We have a working Riva 66 in our showroom in Kinross and will be happy to demonstrate the Riva’s amazing abilities. In spite of being a design that has been around for 10 years it still sets the standard for controllability and ease of use and we all agree that it is the most controllable and easiest appliance that we sell.

Ask any Riva user and they will confirm it and so never is there a better time to buy a fire that is the Gold Standard and will be for some time yet.

April News For Kinross Stove Centre

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There are some changes in hand in the showroom with new Rocal models to see and one of the hottest designs around – pun intended – is the new freestanding Rocal Habit TC with its 3 glass panels for an all-round view of the fire and spectacular combustion. 

The newer sleeker version of the model shown on the website is here now and generating great interest as it is a large output fire at 8.5Kw nominal and up to almost double that at maximum heat. Rocal are known for clean and impressive combustion and this fire is no exception. 

Shown in the picture with the optional log store, it can be fitted within 100 mm of a combustible wall and can have a direct fresh air supply as well. Silky smooth controls are a demonstration of the quality from this small specialist manufacturer.

Our exclusive Contura display area is now open and we have 10 models on show with a working Contura 450 to demonstrate the effectiveness of these designs with their built in heat storage.

New Dovre models on show now include the Dovre Bow and the Dovre Rock. These two new designs from Dovre, who never fail to surprise with their originality, will soon form part of a new area of working Dovre stoves so that we can demonstrate the state of the art combustion technology for which they are rightly famous. The Dovre Bold will join them soon and move from its current static display to be live as well.

Sunday Opening

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Due to increasing demand we will commence Sunday opening from 19th February 2017 between the hours of 1100 and 1500 (3pm) and look forward to welcoming customers to the showroom during those hours.

We have always maintained a high standard of training and knowledge among our showroom staff and so it has not previously been possible to offer the expert advice you need when choosing a stove, and cover the showroom staffing seven days a week.

However, increased staffing levels and a focus on training now allows us to offer the same high standards on a weekend that we offer during normal weekday working hours and so we hope to see anyone interested in installing a wood-burning, multi-fuel or gas stove on a Sunday as well as during the week. 

We are able to demonstrate our range of high quality stoves and fires effectively with 11 working and around 80 altogether on display, which we upgrade constantly as new models appear.

We offer, and can advise on, a full installation service and some of our installations are viewable on our home page under “Recent Installations” if you would like to see them.