Mendip Somerton II SE Tall Stove

The Somerton II tall has an evenly proportioned body and stands at an enviable height of 1370mm with a centrally placed fire door enhanced with upper and lower stainless steel door trims. The tall stove provides the option for heat storage blocks that enable the stove to dispense the heat for many hours after the fire has died out. Heat storage blocks also provide a more even heat distribution by absorbing the heat peaks whilst burning.  

Somerton II is an elegant cylindrical convection wood stove. The smooth fitted rounded door has a multi-point locking system with a single form stainless steel curved handle. The Somerton II range features the precise new universal air controller with its simple single point lever which also gives a closed combustion capability. All models have a bespoke cast iron grate and large ash pan to give extended emptying times and  have three independent air supplies ensuring more complete combustion in the firebox resulting in a cleaner burn.